Medical genre

There was a time when I wanted to pursue the career of every major fictional character I came across, and this includes Bruce Wayne’s nocturnal career, and being a cardiologist or someone in the field of medicine was very much on my mind. We all know the likes of Robin Cook and his works on medical mysteries, and he managed to keep up almost every night. I kept going to the school library for more, one after the other. I remember Toxin and I still shudder to think that we’re actually in such close contact with bacteria and virus, and contagions of every possible kind. But the book I want to share with you today is not from the fictional drawer, but the non-fiction.

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A to Z Challenge – Take Two

“The Great Theme Reveal”

I can’t believe it’s been a year already since my first attempt at the A to Z Challenge.  Last year was crazy, but I powered through. Last year I had focused on the inane aspects of life, blogging about everyday topics that find some space in my mind, titled ‘Every Day Musings’. And while I was quite skeptical about being able to come up with topics ranging across all letters of the alphabet, I managed to surprise myself. I really did myself proud in many ways and made new friends in the bargain. Completing and surviving A to Z Challenge 2016 was an achievement I will hold dear to me.

This time round, I had promised myself I wouldn’t join in if I did not have a more concrete topic in mind and lo, behold, when a theme surfaced, I couldn’t say no.

My topic this year is… drum roll please… BETWEEN PAGES. This time I’m going to focus on books (big surprise, eh?). I want to share my experiences with books that have shaped me into the person I am today, books that challenge me, books that have definitely left an indelible impression on me. These won’t be reviews. Believe me, I am no one worthy to put up a review of anything, but rather the month of April will be dedicated to my take on fabulous works of art.

I’m happiest when I have my nose firmly set #BetweenPages, and even a food/ drinks menu counts for me too!

​Zip, zap, zoom – A to Z Challenge

It took me four tries to learn how to drive. No, no. Not four mere classes or sessions at the wheel, but four different instructors.

With my brother’s wonderfully wide car left in our ‘able’ hands and with dad’s increasing knee and hip problems, it was time I stepped up to learn how to handle the silver Swift.

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Yesterday – A to Z Challenge

I believe in yesterday…
The day that started with you
The day that ended beside you,
Wrapped in your glorious embrace;

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X-factor reloaded – A to Z Challenge

It was almost eight years back when I was a dorky school student preparing for my college entrance exams. This particular college in Pune not just required me to hand in heavyset assignments, but I had to be in their august presence for a panel interview, submission of documents and assignments and a group discussion. This was quite a challenge.

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