In search of childhood

I finally found what I’ve been looking for… My favourite fruit. Ever. In the whole wide world. Okay, you get the drift now. It’s the Pomelo. It’s the fruit I don’t share. I’ve fought my brother, my parents, and even my second grade class teacher. K is lucky we’re married, so he gets some, but I shall be polishing this off all by myself at midnight or when he takes his beauty baths. I’ve waited to have my lovely pomelo for years, YEARS.

I once spotted a Thai pomelo at Le Marche, but for 400 bucks I tried not to cry in public, or let the attendants see the disappointment on my face. A few years back when mum and I made a trip to CR Park during Durga Puja, I found a fellow selling a very sad-looking one. It was expensive, especially when my parents compare with what they would pay back in Calcutta that many years ago, but we still got it home. It wasn’t as lovely as the ones I’ve had, but it was something.

This one isn’t as ripe as it could have been. It came out a light pink. I don’t think I could have waited for it to turn into anything deeper. When it’s ri​​pe, it’s more like a deep pink, and sweet. But nevertheless, this one was beautiful. Crispy and succulent, with all the citrusy goodness. Often when browsing aimlessly, I notice recipes mentioning how to use pomelo/ grapefruit in salads, but it really needs nothing else. Maybe a pinch of rock salt if it’s a bit too sour. But that’s it. Back in Bengal, we call it Batabi Lebu. I think others may know it as Chakotra. It’s been 14 years since I left Calcutta, and I miss the easy availability of this fruit the most.

When I posted the above picture on my Instagram profile, my friend S said in Nepali, it’s call ‘bhogatay’. She added how they also made a salad with it, or with curd and spices, I’m assuming like a raita. Another dear friend N remarked how this fruit grows in abundance in Kashipur. Availability near hill stations and mountainous locales would be a good way to get me to ditch the beachside, but N has indeed promised to get me some the next time she visits Kashipur. I’m beaming with happiness. Maybe I should have shared my love for pomelo earlier, and then maybe I’d have struck gold sooner. :)

​​Someone once told me I enjoy the simpler things in life, that it doesn’t take much to make me happy. She made it sound like it was a bad thing, and for quite a few years I believed it. Now, as I enjoy my pomelo while sitting in the winter sun and reading a book, I realise she was right, and that it doesn’t matter.

Here’s a bowl of pomelo. The flesh is light pink, although the ambient light is giving it a warmer tinge

Featured image by Estudio Bloom on Unsplash.

Pumpkin Pie Tart: A challenge like no other

On October 29, my penultimate post for Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa post, I had written about my experience while making gnocchi for the first time. And that day, I ended the post on a note on how my next hurdle to overcome would be pumpkin pie tarts. So Halloween night, I had a very small group of friends coming over for dinner, and one among them is a vegan.

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Read, blog, share, repeat

I can’t believe it’s the last day of October. Oh, how time flies! This month has been such a crazy one with BlogChatter and their #MyFriendAlexa campaign. It was a challenge to put out eight posts in a month. I usually go for one a week, because sometimes I take two to three days to push out a post and writing two in a week pushes me a bit too much, especially since I have a full-time job and also need to manage a household. I am not the person who will be super productive all day, everyday. Nope. That’s just not me. I know, at times I blog in fits and starts, but I need to keep an easy pace. Hat’s off to the full-fledged bloggers out there. They’re amazing.

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I made gnocchi! Gasp!

This year has sure had its share of more downs than ups, but if there’s one thing I am grateful for is that I’ve managed to overcome my fear of cooking and that I’m trying to make new things and keep experimenting. I love to write about food, but till before 2020, I never dreamt I would ever write about food from a cook’s perspective. I always thought of myself as a food writer who just doesn’t cook, and at that, I would somedays feel a bit like a fraud.

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Brewing Some Love: I got a Bialetti, and I’m stoked!

Today, I am a very, very happy girl. Okay, I might be hopped up on a bit of caffeine, but am still smiling from ear to ear, and have every reason to do so. I finally used my first-ever moka pot. Eeps! I’m doing cartwheels in my head.

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