Mash-up Noodles – Putting 2 recipes to the test

If you’re a regular here, and if you know me even a little bit, you’d know I am not adept at cooking. It’s mostly a hit or a miss with me. Post lockdown, my practice has been hit and following this April, when COVID struck my family, I’ve had little to no will to cook.  Whenever I cook, even when I have a recipe on hand, I always rely on my instincts. Sometimes, they serve me well; while there have been times when things have gone horribly wrong. Not burn the kitchen down horrible, but throw in the bin ASAP level for sure. Today, I shall recount one of the few instances when the stars aligned and everything came together beautifully.

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The Joy of FARMERS’ Markets

I don’t know when, where or how the concept of farmers’ market arose, and when I think about it, I wonder if it’s a purely western concept. While all across India, there are weekly and daily markets/ stalls, farmers’ markets are generally more associated with organic products, products which are toxic-free and have relatively less pesticides, etc. Beyond fresh produce, there are also different kinds of flours such as amaranth. I recently visited a farmers’ market that was organised in my society, and I must say, I was quite blown away by the quality of the produce offered. Plump red tomatoes, solid looking potatoes, shiny onions, dried oyster mushrooms, portobello mushrooms, and a whole plethora of sauces, honey, relishes, ghee, unprocessed oils, flours, rice. Ah! It was such a trip.

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My Top 3 EXOTIC Pantry Additions

Ever since the first lockdown a little over a year ago, my interest in cooking has increased manifold. This may have spearheaded my love for building a well-stocked pantry, but the constant urge to keep adding some exotic condiments, sauces, and other items stemmed from a passion that took root when I was in school.

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Top 5 BREAKFAST Ideas – Perfect for busy weekdays

Among the many things the lockdown taught me last year, whipping up breakfasts in 20 minutes was a major achievement. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Breakfasts are very important to me, especially since I can develop a headache should I even delay a meal, let alone miss it. I need to keep my body well-fuelled and a good breakfast is essential. I like to start my day right.

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APPLE Crumble – Finally, achievement unlocked

I have never really thought highly of apples. For me, they should either be in a smoothie or in a pie. Nothing else. Munching on them raw is the worst. I don’t ‘hate’ the fruit, but I’m not too fond of it either. The past month I visited my parents quite often, and every time I left their place I would depart with bags full of fruits, and apples being the major chunk. There’s only so many apples I could throw in a salad to balance out the vegetables, and add a nice crunch, but with almost half a dozen left, I really did not want to wait around for them to go bad. What a waste!

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