Kokni Canteen – An ultimate Goan experience

Goa is a raging tourist destination, with travellers landing up at its shores and transit centres throughout the year. The sticky humidity or bellowing rain clouds deter no one, and it certainly is one of the most sought after spots in the country.

However, I must confess, even after having visited the idyllic locale at least three times, never had I once heard of Kokni Canteen. And I wonder why. Everyone knows about the usual Britto’s at Baga beach or Souza Lobo in Calungate or even Antares (which caught fire earlier this year). But if you yearn for authentic Goan cuisine at a restaurant that offers a homely and warm ambience, Kokni Canteen is the place to be.

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​Zambar -​ For the love of appams

​Most of us have our own set of comfort food, be it homemade khichri with a large dollop of ghee, pasta topped with extra cheese or maybe a big bowl of soupy Maggi noodles. Whether you’re cranky cause you’re on your period, or just need that solid pick-me-up after a tough day at work, each of us crave for certain things that bring back good memories, keep the tummy and soul happy.

I, for one, do not have one specific comfort food item. It’s a variety, ranging from spicy masala rice (also known as tehri) to maggi or even fried egg and maida parantha. And even when it comes to restaurants, I have a few pet favourites. And Zambar, with its heavenly southern fare, has soon become one of them.

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​Greenr Cafe – Not your average ‘ghaas phoos’

Some people get immediately put off by words such as ‘healthy’ and ‘vegan’ and think vegetarian food can never be as tasty or varied as the vast range of succulent meats available. But Greenr Cafe in Gurgaon has hands down the most lip-smackingly delicious offerings in its vegetarian kitchen.

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​Tops Diner – My American love affair

Imagine a night of intense partying, of crazy drinking games and bustling through excited crowds, downing tequila shots and freestyle dancing, missing dinner as restaurants kitchens close, and scarfing down a sickeningly sweet crackpie to stave off hunger just a little while longer.

Nights like this, need mornings with better tidings, and nothing can cure a heady hangover like a wonderful breakfast at Tops Diner.


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​The Runway Project – A Parallel World

There’s something about restaurants in malls that irks me–restaurants with missing walls. Let’s be honest, malls (especially during summer) can be very busy places getting immense footfalls. And eateries that lack walls irritate the heck out of me. A seemingly open air ambience in a mall restaurant gives me a food court-like vibe. And it’s not like I have anything against food courts, which seem a tad madhouse-ish, but that’s not the experience I had signed up for.

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