Lockdown melancholy: Cooped up and nowhere to go

Hello! How are you doing? It’s been a while since I last checked in with you. Can you believe October is almost over? So much has happened since we entered the national lockdown in March. In fact, exactly seven months ago the lockdown was imposed all across India. Now, even though lockdown isn’t in place any longer, many still prefer to stay indoors. With work from home continuing for many people, a lockdown of sorts is still in effect. Many places still have a number of restrictions. So many are trying to avoid public transport, but many others cannot avoid it. How long can we? Some time, maybe in the near future, we’re going to have to come out of our hiding holes and move on normally with our lives.

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ZOSTEL Jodhpur – A perfect spot to unwind

The Blue City of Jodhpur will forever be the quirkiest of trips I have ever taken. I am a person who is often plagued by travel anxiety, sometimes even when I don’t have any trips planned. And for me, the ‘Reluctant Traveller’, the two-day trip in Jodhpur was quite unique. To begin with, our stay was at The Arch Boutique Home Stay set in the heart of the old city, under the shadow of Mehrangarh Fort. This place was in itself a very unique experience. But we’ll come to that later. Today, I want to talk about our impromptu dinner at Zostel Jodhpur, which was a hop, skip and jump away from our hotel.

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Travel VLOGGING – A Digital Escape

It’s been over thirty days since India has been in a lockdown, and over a few months since tourism worldover has come to a halt. And with it, the number of travel-related posts on Instagram and social media has risen. Almost everyone seems to be missing the freedom to travel, be it to Paris or Milan or even the local grocery shop.

Me, being the ‘Reluctant Traveller’ who is almost always plagued with travel anxiety, am relatively okay being home and not dying to take a trip somewhere. But, thanks to K, I’ve realised how ever since I’ve been confined to the four walls of our home, my consumption of travel and food vlogs has increased. It really offers me a digital escape to another world, a world am not sure I’ll ever get to visit and explore even when countries open their borders.

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UDAIPUR – The City of Lakes

A glistening jewel among the desert lands of Rajasthan, Udaipur is quite a beguiling city. Founded in the sixteenth century by Udai Singh II of the Sisodia clan of Rajput, it’s also known as the City of Lakes. I haven’t had the opportunity to explore much of Rajasthan yet, and last December, my trip to this princely and ancient city was quite memorable. The old part of the city, nestled between lakes and water bodies, and with its winding narrow roads, age-old havelis, temples with intricate architecture, rooftop restaurants with the perfect lake view, and curios and goods tempting tourists… Udaipur is an experience.

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Bar PALLADIO Jaipur – A Hint of Blue in Pink City

At home for what feels like an eternity, I cannot help but look back at some of the trips I took earlier this year. In January, K and I were in Jaipur for the literature festival. One wonders what would have happened had the coronavirus pandemic hit India closer to this date? The festival would have been cancelled, no doubt. Who knows if they’ll organise it next year? There’s no knowing when the outbreak will ease.

But, coming back to the Pink City, of which I have much to explore, today I shall talk about the Bar Palladio Jaipur. One of the perfect spots for date night. This fine-dining Italiant restaurant took my breath away. Located in Narayan Singh Circle, as we approached the establishment we could spot shimmering hues of golden royal blue. It looked ethereal. The sandy front had quite a few mini tents put up where many groups were seated under the starry sky and faint candle light. These were good spots for groups, and the setting looked dreamy.

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