Puducherry – A Coastal Dream

#ReadingIndiaProject Book 1/36

This post is part of my #ReadingIndiaProject. I flagged it off at the beginning of the year but finally getting down to writing about it. You can read more about this little pet project of mine here.

This post is so long overdue it isn’t funny anymore. Late last year I decided to embark upon the #ReadingIndiaProject and my first choice for this was Puducherry. I’ve never been here but the idea of a French colonial and Tamil region against a backdrop of striking blue waters and leafy green trees sounded nothing less than paradise. Hence, I picked up K’s A House in Pondicherry by Lee Langley.

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Reading India, and the World

It’s finally December. Although, mentally, a part of me is still stuck in March. Where did the year go? How did we get through the multiple phases of a lockdown, looking up videos and recipes of sourdough bread and pasta, learning to make rotis and trying one’s hand at Dalgona coffee? How did we manage to get daily staples like groceries and bread, and milk? Some families probably spent time far from each other, while others were forced to spend time with each other. Mental health has probably never been spoken about so much, with some corporates, workspaces and even individuals taking this seriously. This year has been a trying time for everyone, and a devastating one for quite a few.

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