Call Me By Your Name – A sensuous read

There are times when I want to travel to exotic lands, sup on different cuisines and waltz away my time lolling under the sun. And since I cannot live such a life in reality, I tend to reach out for a book. This time, it was a beautiful story set in Italy narrating the powerful love between a boy and a young man in a town referred to only as B in the novel, Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman.

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​The Sea, The Sea – A perfect holiday read

It’s been a long time since I’ve written about a book, but that’s because I’ve been busy travelling and there’s this particular book, The Sea, The Sea by Iris Murdoch that I was nose deep in. I took my time to finish it, reading at the most leisurely pace possible. Of course being 500 pages strong, this isn’t exactly an overnight read, and while I can speed read, I don’t prefer it. Especially not with books that are based in the English countryside against the backdrop of the sea.

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My year in books

In 2014, all thanks to HT Brunch’s #BrunchBookChallenge, I managed to read twenty books throughout the year. This was after a long spell of barren life, life without books, life that stemmed from a corporate world that had steadily decreased my attention span and constantly tested my patience.

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Daman Deluxe

“Ei re uth. Jaabi na?”


“Wake up will you. It’s already daybreak and the boys will be there before us, if we are not careful. Just get up,” Jagan nudged Anirban, who was still in a deep sleep.

It was nearing five-o-clock and the sun was inching towards the horizon across the Daman Ganga Sea, shooting streaks of faded red across the sky.

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