The Tamarind – A cozy, intimate setting

Sometimes a destination can be so amazing that even a few hiccups in the trip can be easily overlooked. Sometimes a hotel experience can be absolutely brilliant, making a trip worthwhile, even if the destination did not live up to its expectations. But, if both destination and hotel stay knock your socks off, then it would make the trip the highlight of the year.

Such was my stay two years ago at The Tamarind Anjuna in north Goa, a wonderful boutique hotel just 2 km from Calungate. The property with its striking stone built façade and pops of white, plenty of verdure canopies and a sizeable swimming pool, had my heart the day I clapped my eyes on it. Located at the bend opposite St Michael’s Church, this is one hotel that will be difficult to miss. The 32-year-old property has certainly stood the test of time and doesn’t seem like its aged a bit.

The beautiful brown, white and azure blue that caught my attention

The rooms mostly overlook the swimming pool, which I must add is kept spotlessly clean and is very, very inviting. From what I understood while browsing through the website, the hotel has rooms in a colour combination of white and blue, and white and yellow, the former having pulled me in the favour of the property. Well designed rooms, comfortable plush beds, a large television and adequate bathing facilities, the tiny yet cozy verandah, which also overlooks the pool stole my heart. It was the perfect place to have a pint of beer in the evening after a fantastic aquatic workout.

Could not take a picture of the room in its pristine state, but it sure looks cozy

Goa, as a destination, has always managed to capture the senses, and the Tamarind takes the entire experience to another level.  While most travellers may prefer to party the night, and day, away or find themselves elbow-deep in adventure activities, I prefer the most laid-back vacations, when each day stretches into the next.

Pretty table setting :)

The complimentary breakfast at the adjoining Cotinga Café was sumptuous with the buffet spread ranging from the regular pancakes and waffles to idlis and paranthas. The eggs, when made to order, always came just as I wanted. I love eggs, and I do get a bit picky about it. The Smoothie Bowl (INR 240) won me over. A wholesome bowl of fresh yoghurt, fruits, crunchy honey coated granola topped with toasted nuts and seeds. What’s not to like about this. But nothing can beat the lip-smacking Prawn Biryani (INR 410) that I had. It was downright brilliant! I still yearn for it, and nothing I’ve had till date can match how wonderfully it was made.

However, one drawback would be that it isn’t walking distance from the beach, unless you decide to embark on a fifteen to twenty minute walk one-way.

Being a boutique property, the intimacy it offers is crucial, making erratic travellers like me feel anywhere but home, and completely snug. Coupled with great service, I loved my stay at The Tamarind, and am now mulling at spending another vacation languishing on one of its many pool chairs.

Note: This is not a sponsored post


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