X-Mas Tales

When it comes to Christmas and winter, there are certain stories I keep reaching out to and although, like every year I couldn’t read it this year, I plan to get back on track this coming winter. Stephen King, the undisputed king of horror, makes for a fabulous read during this time. You may think it to be weird, but trust me, when the temperature dips low and the world is already tucked in bed, and you’re left with the King in your hands and a world that’s slowly going out of control.

A book I first read as an ebook, The Shining by Stephen King taught me that digital books are not meant to be looked down upon or even despised for that matter. And during my first job, when I had to wait before work started, I got hooked to reading digital books. Considering the size of The Shining, it’s a wonder I managed to finish not just this one, but a host of other books too.

Unfortunately, I happened to see the movie before I read the book, and like most cases, there were so many concepts that sprung to mind only after I read the book. Books have a way of explaining to readers what really goes on inside a person’s head, it’s much easier to break the fourth wall in a book. I realized, after watching the entire movie, that I had no clue to the exact concept of the ‘shining’.  Based in the fictional Overlook Hotel located in the Colorado Rockies, Jack Torrance along with his wife and child, take up residence for the winter. Jack who has a streak of violence and alcoholism in the past, is in desperate need of the job to pay for his writing, while he uses the opportunity to connect better with his family.

The ‘shining’ is actually in connection with Jack’s son Danny, who unbeknownst to his parents, is able to read minds, see premonitions and has telepathic abilities. The hotel they stay in is haunted, and previously, even a young family that had stayed here earlier, the father had fallen under the spell of cabin fever and had murdered his family.

Many wonder why Stephen King is so great, and while they may rattle off his other titles, for me, it’s this book. Fear literally creeps up your back, it does not come bounding towards you. You wouldn’t even realise how and when, in the daily humdrum of settling in at the hotel, do certain things look a little different and how even the seemingly harmless topiary may be alive after all.

This post is part of the eighth annual A to Z Challenge that takes place in the month of April. The theme for this month is ‘Between Pages’. It’s my second attempt at this. Feedback is most welcome, constructive criticism, even more. Share your experiences and let’s enjoy this month of fabulous blogging.


4 thoughts on “X-Mas Tales

  1. I haven’t read The Shining yet, though years ago I read lots of King’s books, since for a period in my late childhood he was my favourite author.
    I dont’ really know how you can read King in the short days of winter. I decided while reading Salem’s Lot that I will never read King in the dark hours ;-)

    The Old Shelter – 1940s Film Noir


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