A to Z Challenge – Take Two

“The Great Theme Reveal”

I can’t believe it’s been a year already since my first attempt at the A to Z Challenge.  Last year was crazy, but I powered through. Last year I had focused on the inane aspects of life, blogging about everyday topics that find some space in my mind, titled ‘Every Day Musings’. And while I was quite skeptical about being able to come up with topics ranging across all letters of the alphabet, I managed to surprise myself. I really did myself proud in many ways and made new friends in the bargain. Completing and surviving A to Z Challenge 2016 was an achievement I will hold dear to me.

This time round, I had promised myself I wouldn’t join in if I did not have a more concrete topic in mind and lo, behold, when a theme surfaced, I couldn’t say no.

My topic this year is… drum roll please… BETWEEN PAGES. This time I’m going to focus on books (big surprise, eh?). I want to share my experiences with books that have shaped me into the person I am today, books that challenge me, books that have definitely left an indelible impression on me. These won’t be reviews. Believe me, I am no one worthy to put up a review of anything, but rather the month of April will be dedicated to my take on fabulous works of art.

I’m happiest when I have my nose firmly set #BetweenPages, and even a food/ drinks menu counts for me too!


16 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Take Two

  1. I can never get enough books, book reviews, tales related to fiction and characters… great theme.. :) will follow you through the challenge…

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