​Reading Goals 2017

Unlike every other year, this year I took a lot of time to draw and redraw my vision for twenty seventeen. I poured over my notebook for hours, mulled over the nitty-gritty details during my metro rides and finally I’ve put together a rather elaborate list of reading goals. This is not just a random list of x number of books to read this year, but a conscious effort to push myself beyond the genres I am comfortable with.

So here’s my list for this year:

1.    Read Ayn Rand – A name one finds on many ‘must-read’ lists but an author I haven’t found time to read. I’m definitely correcting this situation this year at the earliest.

2.    Read a book about sports – During one of The Sunday Book Club sessions on Twitter, I realised this was one genre that was grossly ignored, and a new acquaintance, a certain P. suggested Fever Pitch.

3.    Read at least three profession-related books – I’ve already got my hands on two, The Bloomberg Way and The Instant Economist, and the third I’m sure will find its way to me in due time. Ever since I’ve joined a new domain, I really need to invest adequate time apart from the regular nine hours I spend at work.

4.    Read three course-related books – Someday I intend to complete a full-time Masters programme in International Relations, and till I find the luxury of time and money to devote myself in pursuit of this degree, I intend to read at least three books related to this field. Be it India After Gandhi or any book related geopolitics, I’m sure this will be exceedingly interesting.

5.    Read a book by a Bengali author – Now even though I have read a couple of books by Rabindranath Tagore, I fear I have not read enough of my culture and literature.

6.    Read two newspapers daily – a general and business paper. This is crucial.

7.    Read longer articles – Sometimes it gets difficult for one to concentrate on longer articles and with changing modes of consuming information, not to mention the slew of listicles popping up everywhere, it really messes up one’s attention span.

8.    Read more alternative books – Sometimes narratives with a different storyline that moves off the beaten track help to understand much about life, after all life is not a bed of roses. And reading such books really help to stretch the imagination.

9.    Read a book on learning elementary Spanish – While I may want to sign up for weekend classes at the Institute of Cervantes, I want to start small and definitely cheaper with a basic book on the language.

10.  Read more books on art – While I may not have enjoyed Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch as much as I would have liked, I want to try reading more about Dali maybe, or learn more about pop art or the age of Impressionist.

11.  Read poems – It may be the simplest on this list, but I haven’t enjoyed reading poems since class ten. I have a soft corner for war poems. The pang of pain is almost intoxicating.

12.  And lastly, I’m signing up at The Japan Foundation this year to get a cheap and easy access to Japanese books on every topic possible, from their ramen to manga.

So even though I put this post up one and a half months too late, I hope to revisit it from time to time and check my progress and pray I have ticked off almost all points by the end of this year. And always, I will be blogging about my reading exploits, while amply sharing my thoughts on Twitter and Instagram (@samantha_rjsdr). Come join me on this journey where my nose is set firmly #BetweenPages.

Do you have anything planned for your reading list this year? Do tell…


7 thoughts on “​Reading Goals 2017

  1. Ramya , I cant believe you haven’t read an Ayn Rand ! There was a time I guess when people just went through a phase to ‘be seen and heard’ talking about Atlas Shrugged or Fountain head. Out of all her book , I liked We the living the best so you may want to start there though the other day I was reading about this interesting concept of Applying Ayn Rand’s philosophy to Trump’s America First stance.
    You ve got such a tall reading goal defined I think I would just read your posts about books and that would do for me in 2017!


  2. Ramya you are Bengali?
    International relations sounds very exciting genre to.do s Masters in.Onam reading a lot of Bengali books too .I feel a sense of comfort whenever I read those books.Cudos to your effort to read different types of book.I have bought Ryand. The review of the book will be up on my blog soon 😊


  3. your number one vision for this year should be to meet me . If its sport then start with Autobiography of Andre Agassi or Steve Waugh or Harsha Bhogle, Glad to see you are getting to bengali literature also :-) Happy reading


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