Pixie Dust

It’s been over a year that I’ve been a part of BlogChatter, an online community of bloggers. Of course I can never thank my good friends M enough for introducing me to this, and here I am. Part of the third season of their BlogBuddy programme.

Initially I was under the impression that bloggers led solitary, one dimensional, digital lives, probably type-type-typing away into the wee hours of the night, baggy-eyed and anti-social. But this group turned my thinking around. They sold me on their philosophy of ‘Blog Together, Blog Better’. What started off as a weekly Twitter chat has turned into a living, breathing being, self-sustaining and an endless source of support, a safe space for idea generation and camaraderie.

This season, I’m part of team #InkMagic. Our motley team of bloggers – Ramya Rao (@Ramya_rao_p), Jaibala Rao (@JaibalaRao), Amrita Misra (@misra_amrita), Shalini Sharma (@TirelessReader), Dr Bushra (@dewcool2), Utpal Kant Mishra (@A_Utpal) and me (@samantha_rjsdr) – believe in the cohesive power of writing with a sprinkle of pixie dust. Of what use is life without a touch of magic? And so with my fellow blogbuddies, we intend to grow stronger with BlogChatter.

Pic credit: Ramya Rao
Pic credit: Ramya Rao

I am a BlogBuddy with Blogchatter.


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