Sunday Special

It was over two years ago when my good friend M. introduced me to an online book club – The Sunday Book Club or #TSBC. Quite a long name if you ask me, but I was intrigued about how they could sustain a book club based on a weekly Twitter chat. Do people even take part? But I couldn’t have been more wrong. People from all over India take part in the chat held every Sunday at 3 pm.

Like every good thing in the world with a strong fan following, TSBC was started by a group of three: Sudhagee, Raghav Modi and Neo. Over the years, the founders actively handling the account may have shuffled, but currently Sudhagee and Raghav Modi are the active founders.

Do you know what it means to show up online, every week of every year, on a holiday, since its inception to host the Twitter chat? Sometimes, I wonder how they do it. Heck, even if I’m home I’ve never been able to show up at the chat session with such discipline. Sunday afternoon feasts and the sweet haze of slumber would often take over. But I try.

The chat sessions are based on themes, announced mid week to allow participants to read up. Every Sunday since September 30, 2012, TSBC has not repeated a single theme. From author-based chats such Amitav Ghosh to diverse topics like book covers and even bookstagrams, TSBC ensures the world of books is thoroughly explored.

And not just this, they even pepper the week with mini engagement sessions such as Mondays would have the TSBCBookList, where one member would share a collection of 15 random books and others would have say which ones they’ve read. Wednesdays are all about current reads with the hashtag #TSBCWedReads. Thursdays are for #TSBC1Book1Author where fabulous recommendations pour in and Fridays are picture heavy with themed pictures being shared.

Sometimes, the founders even tie up with their favourite publishers and have book giveaways for certain book challenges. I too won a book for acing a challenge on English, August by Upamanyu Chatterjee. Oh so proud of myself.

And at times, we even get to meet the faces behind the Twitter handles at meet-ups in Delhi NCR and Mumbai. It’s so much fun to meet a group of book lovers and chat endlessly. Such sessions also have book exchanges and Raghav Modi almost always comes bearing extra goodies. You can read my experience at the first ever Delhi meet here.

But above all, being a part of the TSBC community is a heartwarming experience, where people are ever ready to share recommendations, empathise with the phrase – ‘there is no such thing as too many books’, understand the pain of being broke thanks to overspending on books and engaging in discussions on favourite authors and titles.

To this community that turns four this year, thank you.

I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Special

  1. I have been always amazed by the discipline of group admins… the way they construct and keep the group together and interesting, is brilliant. I haven’t been a part of TSBC but I have read this hashtag before by various bloggers.


  2. It’s really amazing to check out the tweets and conversations that you #TSBC members have on Twitter. I used to participate earlier, but I just feel too sleepy nowadays. I do check out the Wednesday threads for some recommendations.
    We book-lover’s can never have enough books. Neither can we have enough stimulating conversation about books!

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