The Obscure Reverie – Part 5

This is the fifth part of a seven-part short story. You can read the first part here, second part here, third part here and the fourth part here.

We slipped out of the Harmandz Hotel, zipping away in my midnight blue Chevrolet. With the windows rolled down, the wind played gleefully with her hair. I headed towards the Ozzie Pub, known for its authentic beer from down under and more. It also had the best DJ in town playing tonight.

Three mugs of beer, two Pink Ladys and an innumerable tequila shots after I found myself at my apartment door. Coat slung on one hand, briefcase dangling from the other, it took me some time to unlock the door. Sofia, which is what she told me after the second round of beer, leaned against the wall, one leg propped up against it. If at all I could think of anything, it was that I had fun tonight. I wanted to be with this girl. She was fun! In every sense of the word. I guess I was tired coming home to an empty apartment. I wanted a steady girlfriend.

We had barely stumbled into the apartment, that my briefcase was flung to one side, my pants nearly stripped down and my shirt ripped off. This girl was better than cat woman! Heady with alcohol, Sofia dragged me to the sofa. No sooner had she straddled me and begun to kiss me feverishly all over, her cell phone rang. Like the pouring rain on picnic day, the ‘heavy metal rock blaring cell phone beckoned her. I lay panting on the sofa, too excited to think. A nod of her head, a quick change of expression and then the inevitable happened. Sofia picked up her purse, straightened her dress and said, “Sorry Javed. My boyfriend is in the city. Gotta go.”

And before I could even say but, she left.

Participating in Half Marathon Blogging Challenge – Day 8 – with Blogchatter.


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