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Source: Pinterest

My biggest enemy.

Over the course of this month, a fellow blogger and growing acquaintance has honoured me with a lovely term – ‘lazy genius’. I was very happy. Half of the term belonged to genius. It’s a good thing right? The delusion was short-lived. It’s not. It just goes to show my inability to recognise my own potential. This self-realisation tends to leave one with a bitter aftertaste. When others can clearly see your strengths, but you are in some dreamy drug-induced haze, the immense possibilities of the universe seem a far cry.

This is a learning for myself and I intend to make changes and reorient myself accordingly, because I certainly don’t want to end the year the way I started it, wound up with a bunch of resolutions I’m trying to wrap my head around. Mostly in the daily reverie of work and home pressure, a sense of stagnation sets in and the earlier ability to launch myself in strange and challenging situations is diminishing with passing time. A lot of time is spent mulling over situations that turn into grand spectacles in my head and constant second-guessing, that forces me to chicken out of newer experiences and expeditions. This has got to stop. Now.

I never knew I would say this, but blogging has become quite therapeutic for me. It’s the practice of writing daily (thanks to daily writing challenges), the practice of thinking daily (and I mean thinking really hard for ideas) and connecting with similar blogging souls that leave me enriched and inspired.


Participating in Half Marathon Blogging Challenge – Day 3 – with Blogchatter.


12 thoughts on “Doubt

  1. I agree. Doubt is a silent killer for sure, and it affects me too. :) Thankfully, there are friends who refuse to let me lose belief, and their positivity rubs off on me and the doubt fades after a while.

    It’s nice to find someone else who finds blogging therapeutic. :)


  2. Stressful lives – work pressure, crazy commutes, demands at home – all wreck havoc on willpower. And if you’re even slightly complacent (I’m looking at myself here) it’s very easy to let things slide. Taking back charge can sometimes be hard, but is also very important I think! Now, I’m off for an evening walk…umm…from tomorrow!

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