Inspirational workspaces

The other day, while browsing endlessly through the net, I stumbled upon a fascinating site: It’s a digital repository of inspiration workspaces coupled with interviews of the owners, discussing their connections with their desk, items they adore and ways to scale up or down. Let’s be honest, our workspaces are our bread and butter, while other times, it’s the perfect conduit to escape into another world. Thus, the search for inspirational and creative workspaces that are ergonomic and help one to stay focussed on the task at hand, is a wonderful endeavour. While some prefer simplicity and functionality, others wouldn’t mind a bit of over the top extravagance. It all depends from person to person.

Those who’ve seen the first film Sex and the City will know what I’m referring to. Being a writer, it is important to have a desk that inspires and Carrie Bradshaw is very particular about this. Yes, I know, many may argue that those with real passion needn’t bother with such trifles. Agreed. But then there are those who love to be surrounded in an environment that reflects their persona and stimulates their brain functions too.

Some spaces even include ways to work standing up and have a recreational zone nearby. Be it potted plants or a huge pile of books, your iPod and headphones at an arm’s distance or the cookie jar, we all need/ yearn to surround ourselves with things that make us comfortable. At least I do.

So while my perfect inspirational workspace is yet in the making, I have some snapshots of my desk at work. This is the place where I spend at least 10 hours every day and sometimes even 18. It should be a space where my creative juices flow easily and my mind can speed up or slow down, accordingly. It reflects who I am as a person.

A MAC at work and actor Sebastian Stan gracing the desktop. I've got to have some motivation!
A MAC at work and actor Sebastian Stan gracing the desktop. I’ve got to have some motivation!

I always take time to make my work desk look as pretty as possible, while also keeping a lot of knick-knacks that help my mind drift away in search for solitude. My brother is always peering at me, a friendly face to look at when shit hits the fan and I’m desperate for some advice. I’ve got quotes printed and tacked up because they strike a chord with me. I love my Bill Bryson postcard because I’ve been meaning to read this travel author for quite some time, although why he is upside down is beyond me.

I’ve got my troupe of favourite celebrity chefs staring right back at me. Although the list has grown, these are the ones I started out with. From Kylie Kwong, Gordon Ramsay to Hairy Bikers, Bobby Chinn, Heidi Klum who anchored Project Runway and my namesake Samantha Brown – a fabulous travel show host.

Do you have an inspirational workspace in place, at home or at work? Tell me more? I’d love to swap some notes.


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9 thoughts on “Inspirational workspaces

  1. I don’t have a work space right now, but did until 17 days ago and I am right now missing it so much more. We do get attached to our work spaces. I remember dusting it with a tissue first thing in the morning when I reached office, everyday. How confined our choices get, only time tells! Good luck with the coming posts.:)


  2. That’s a cool desk and I have also got a lot of items on my desk. It’s picture heavy. Mostly VT and me and then ex teams. Like you, I want to be comfortable and feel my desk as my own so what if it’s really owned by my company ;)
    Btw – where do you work? And what’s your area of specialisation?

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  3. Your pin board reminds me of my desk at my previous organization. I had pictures of friends, postcards, quotes and some art. I haven’t real pinned anything up at my current workplace, because I never thought I’d stick around there for long. It’s been 5 years now! :-/


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