If you take one good look at me, you won’t get to know just how much I love food. And taking it one step further, how much I like to write about it and click pictures too. On most good days, and some very bad days too, food and Sebastian Stan are what majorly occupy my mind. The latter’s name in Chinese is known to roughly translate into ‘chubby dumpling’, so there you go. It’s a given. My love for food knows no bounds, and I fall in that half of the pie that ‘lives to eat’.

I’m not much of a cook, but very much a taste-tester for my mum. It’s an arduous, time-intensive skill acquired over ages, after intense fighting bouts with the elder sibling over the remaining cake dough, or who gets to finish the last dredges of payesh (milk-based rice dessert), being lured to let go of the bed by fried egg and paratha for breakfast, and when even the simple masala rice or tehri with raita and papad counts as a ‘special meal’.

It undoubtedly takes me back to all those days spent to prepare for the christmas cake, working late into the night with every family member pouring over some ingredient that needed to be cut or diced or chopped. And even while cooking jars full of kulkuls and rose cookies, a variety of peethas and namkeens, we would be at it with assembly line precision.

The one year I spent in a PG in Pune, was the only blessed year I actually cooked. I started small with the regular daal, rice, rotis and sabzi, but quickly picked up rajma, pav bhaji and even gajar ka halwa. But the true highlight shall remain that blissful afternoon I spent rolling out dough for mushroom ravioli. Yes, it wasn’t perfect. Yes, it came out in myriad shapes. Yes, I made too many that my roommate and I effectively died for the remainder of the day. But I was and still am oh-so-proud of myself. It takes immense courage and determination (on my part) to work on a dish like that from scratch.

Since my life seems to have woven itself wonderfully around food, do follow me on Instagram (@rumdiary035) for my shenanigans across town, and sometimes even further.


6 thoughts on “#InstaFood

  1. You actually tried making ravioli? *respect* I am not much of a foodie ( I know you can gasp) but I really love the way people can place cooking as a priority and treat it as an art. That effect I love the idea of it all. Stress is on ‘idea’ there is no execution my side :D

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  2. I have one of those figures that screams, ‘I love food!!’ But, since having kids, not cooking. I would like to be a food taster for a good cook though – feel free to send mushroom ravioli my way ๐Ÿ˜‰

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