Safe Zone

‘So, it seems like ages since you last came here. Seems nothing less than a decade ago you had your fingers clickety-clacking over the keyboard, rushing through the almost daily posts of the A to Z Challenge. And now look at you. You’re just a weak reminder of all the blogging and writing possibilities that had opened up, and you promptly shut them down.’

The world definitely seems different. Different since I last put up my Z post. Where was I all this while? Oh yes. In MCU-land. I was ensconced safely in the womb of Marvel Cinematic Universe, feeding on the fandom frenzy of Captain America: Civil War, shipping of ‘Stucky’ and ‘Stony’ and rediscovering my long lost, now unhealthy obsession for actor, Sebastian Stan. And then it quickly spun out of hand, thanks to the never ending fan art being churned out on a daily basis, the absolutely cute and rollicking interviews being given by the cast and the perfect yet dorky pictures popping up on every social media platform at their every appearance.

The depth of my current crush reminds me of my last major out-of-the-universe crush I had on Mark Feehily, former band member of the Irish pop band, Westlife. And the simplicity of those days struck me. There was no Instagram to constantly check the current images uploaded by Mark, or even fabulous Tumblr accounts to feed my insanity, zero gifs that come up on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. Whew. And I’m sure there are a million more sites that can be added to this list. I just had Youtube and Google to search for my favourite Westlife videos and images.

So, one may wonder, as I do too often – where am I now?

I feel like an ostrich that just got her head out of the sand, stunned to see how the earth kept spinning, and everyone moving on. Me? I’m still safely ensconced in Marvel Cinematic Universe that has now leapt through dimensions and blended with my imagination. This is my true element. At least for now. Till I manage to shake it off.



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