Quiet Love – A to Z Challenge

We all know there are different kinds of love, or at least there are different ways to love. You’ve got some who follow tough love, others who are forthcoming. Take for instance the quartet of Sex and the City. All four leading ladies portray a different aspect of love, and lust. And these need not be compartmentalised. It depends from person to person, and on situations, emotions… the works. But I’m a huge fan of unrequited love, or love that knows no bounds, goes unnoticed and almost always gets shoved under the carpet. I’ve got a list of a few movies or characters off the top of my head, the ones I root for.

A 2015 film, Burnt starred Bradley Cooper (Adam) and Sienna Miller in leading roles opposite each other, and the movie followed the usual song and dance routine between the two of them. But I was drawn to the character played by Daniel Bruhl, Tony, a colleague and friend of Adam. There is an underlying emotion Tony has for Adam that he nurtures within. Later it is made clear that Tony is very much in love with Adam, but there is no future.

The Hunger Games Trilogy has by far captured the attention of many, and Peeta Mellark is still fresh in our minds. At least in mine. Throughout the books, his solid presence, endearing love and trust for Katniss wins her over. But in the love triangle that played out for the most part of the trilogy, I was team Peeta. The one who steps back, the who’s got Katniss’ back, the one who was ready to sacrifice himself, for her.

One of my favourite films so far, Little Ashes took me by complete surprise. The Spanish-British drama film set in Spain in the 1920s and 30s, traces the ‘love affair’ between surrealist and eccentric painter Salvador Dali and poet Federico Garcia Lorca. This is a slow burner, and you can see from the expressions on Garcia Lorca, how he takes to the new entrant in the university. Sporting a weird outfit and hairstyle, the painter immediately attracts the attention of the poet. The latter was deeply infatuated with the former, but the painter is known to have denied the relationship.

“He was homosexual, as everyone knows, and madly in love with me,” he said, according to Alain Bosquet’s 1969 Conversations with Dali. ‘He tried to screw me twice… I was extremely annoyed, because I wasn’t homosexual, and I wasn’t interested in giving in. Besides, it hurts. So nothing came of it. But I felt awfully flattered vis-à-vis the prestige. Deep down I felt that he was a great poet and that I owe him a tiny bit of the Divine Dali’s asshole.”

A widely known film, Forrest Gump is another classic example for this. We all know the bumbling lovable character and how his life is entwined with a number of key events in history. But is love for Jenny, his childhood friend, goes often unnoticed. Throughout the movie he yearns for Jenny, proposes to her, but is let down every time. The movie ends with Forrest being united with his son, however Jenny dies from having contracted an unknown virus (implies HIV).

The story by Annie Proulx adapted in film, Brokeback Mountain is indeed remarkable. It revolves around the fascinating and highly complex affair between Ennis and Jack, played by Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall. The scenes of them fighting, locked in embrace, the shirts hung together with Ennis weeping… it was heartbreaking.

Which are your favourites? Any that’s not on this list. Do share. I’m all ears. :)

This post is part of the seventh annual A to Z Challenge that takes place in the month of April. The theme for this month is ‘Every Day Musings’. It’s my first attempt at this. Feedback is most welcome, constructive criticism, even more. Share your experiences and let’s enjoy this month of fabulous blogging. If you want to know more about this challenge, click here.

20 thoughts on “Quiet Love – A to Z Challenge

  1. A few favourites come to mind:

    1. The forbidden love between Newland Archer and Ellen Olenska in Edith Wharton’s “The Age of Innocence”
    2. Merton falling in love with the memory of Milly in Henry James’s “The Wings of the Dove”
    3. Almasy and Katherine in “The English Patient”
    4. The protagonists in the Chinese movie “Farewell my Concubine” starring Leslie Cheung and directed by Chinese director Chen Kaige
    5. The protagonists in the Chinese movie “Rouge” starring Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui, and directed by Stanley Kwan


  2. Forrest Gump always made me disappointed because Jenny loved Forrest, and they could have had a good life together. However, she just yearned to go back to her wild and crazy life in the city. I know she abused when she was younger, but as an adult I found it sad she continued down such a self-destructive road. Finally she gets her life together, but I just felt like she was taking advantage of Forrest’s generosity to later come back in his life, finally say she wanted to marry him, and finally allowing him to have a relationship with her son. I sometimes think if Jenny had never got sick she probably never would have decided to be with Forrest, and probably would have just told him later on about his son. This was one of the reservations I have with the character Jenny.

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    1. That is true. Had she not been sick, she would have Forrest by the roadside. I hate that she took advantage of his goodness and genuine feelings for her. It makes me mad, but then again, that’s why I love the character.


  3. This was such a beautiful take on Q Ramya! I loved all the ones you shared, some I didnt know, like Burnt and Dali. My fav would be Peeta too! And Gump! So heart-breaking to watch unrequited love! Have you seen the Notebook? I liked that a lot…weeped buckets! Quiet love is the most beautiful *gosh where are the tissues?*
    @KalaRavi16 from


  4. Hmm.. one of my favourites is actually Kabhi Kabhie. The love was not totally unrequited but still, it had hurt a lot. The love between Amitabh and Rakhi in the movie. It was so hopeless.. Loved the way it was portrayed when they meet again in old age. Recently, I also read a book with a similar theme – Where the river parts by Radhika reviewed on my blog. It was fabulous. I do have a thing for those hopeless love stories where the heart rules over the mind.


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