In the eye of the storm – A to Z Challenge

Sunday is a day of rest, and any day earmarked as ‘no work’ gets me thinking how the past eight days flew by so quickly. Since I hadn’t prepared any of the posts beforehand, I’ve been stumbling through this, taking it one day at a time. And somewhere, although I know I’m being stupid, working on a post the night before is becoming a practice that is quite intoxicating. Scouring through the alleys and highways of my mind, trying to connect dots, dates and events, even hypothetical situations, isn’t easy. But I know this month of intense blogging and writing, thinking and brainstorming is a very good thing for me.

In the #Blogchatter community, we’ve been working on Mojo content; content that we identify with content that highlight us, content that is recognisably ours. It’s like reading one sentence to a paragraph and being able to figure out if that is Marquez’s or Dan Brown’s, Salman Rushdie’s or even Amitav Ghosh. It’s our working of a relatable DNA strand wound within our content. So here are the three posts that I’m ecstatic to have penned.

D for Decoding Sartre’s The Age of Reason: A book that I had been meaning to read for ages, a book that I connected with on a personal level. Friends come and go, and often, resisting to societal pressures will not always bring happiness.

E for End of an Era: Losing my elder brother is the end of an era for me. I had never imagined a future without him in the picture. He was my rock, my confidant, and penning this post gets me closer to accepting the fact that I must learn to live with this reality.

F for Faith can Move Mountains: God, theology, church and organised religion have always fascinated me. I’ve always wanted to pick the brains of Jesuit priests, often jealous of their level of knowledge and understanding. Religion is an ongoing journey of discover and exploration for me, and with this post, I intend to uncover my own feelings towards my god and my self.

Among the many benefits of this #AtoZChallenge, I intended to make new friends. With the benefits of a blogging community finally dawning on me, reading umpteen blogs in a day, leaving thoughtful and motivating comments – it is oddly satisfying. Here are the three blogs I came across during this challenge, and I intend to keep reading and re-reading their posts.

Parul’s Happiness and Food: I’m in awe of every post. We have become so conditioned to a patriarchal world, asking questions are considered blasphemous. Balanced and thought-provoking.

Once a upon a time, in the history of my many wishful fantasies and hopeful careers, interior designing had made an appearance. So did being an astronaut, climatologist, marine biologist and cardiologist. It all came screaming back when I read Kala’s Relax-n-Rave posts on A to Z of Home and Interiors, and I couldn’t have been happier.

I’m a sucker for TV Sitcoms, and Roshan’s posts are taking this to a whole new level for me. Fringe to Castle, Everybody Loves Raymond to Happy Endings, reading his posts are like meeting old friends and making new ones too.

I’m thankful for having been introduced to the #Blogchatter community, to meeting Chandni who managed to convince me to take part in this, and finding next level blog love through #AtoZChallenge with #Blogchatter.


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