An Afternoon in Spring – A to Z Challenge

The dusty winds blow thick and fast, one can almost be grateful for this breeze, even if it’s a thirty degree Celsius. The BBC weatherman says its spring, but it clearly doesn’t feel like one, it certainly seems past such period. Delhi weather rarely gives anyone an opportunity to grieve the end of winter or even enjoy that in between time they call spring. This is the time when nature is best dressed, the air filled with scented aroma and spiraling columns of eddies whisking up dead leaves while rustling the branches. The season of out with the old and in with the new, heralding the time of Easter, of bunnies and chocolate eggs.

But the dry heat also brings with it memories of the past, of time spent buying course books for the next academic year, starting early on the English Reader, spending nights with dad covering the notebooks with brown paper. It also brings with it the early raw mangoes, declaring the quick onset of summer, of the sour and spicy mango pickles and the delectable sweet chutneys made in copious amounts and stored in jars.

With spring-summer comes longer afternoons, afternoons utilised in conquering forts, digging out hidden treasures, pretending to be Batman and squad, and obviously, raiding the kitchen – the afternoons were always open to a cosmic world of possibilities. They were limitless. I almost never had patience to doze off during the hot afternoons, but sometimes they were better spent pouring over Tintin, Archies and even imagining myself as George Quentin, while sipping on a cool drink of Aam Panna (a sweet and sour drink made of roasted raw mangoes). And if in the august company of my cousins, heaven help us and the adults, we always brought the roof down. When not conspiring against the elders, we were happy to create palaces by draping bedsheets over chairs or tents where we took turns to spook each other, or make weird concoctions with leaves and chalk dust, and even try to tame wild insects.

But now, with a ten-to-six corporate job, mostly six days a week, the major part of the day is spent in the air-conditioned indoors, and as is with me, spent shivering right beneath the air vent. And on most of these days, the truant breeze is forgotten, the yearn to spend time squealing with cousins gets difficult when halfway across the planet, and on those miserable sundays spent home, its often spent playing catch-up to an afternoon of shut eye.

A spring afternoon at IGNOU centre, Rajghat in Delhi
A spring afternoon at IGNOU centre, Rajghat in Delhi

This post is part of the seventh annual A to Z Challenge that takes place in the month of April. My theme for this month is ‘Every Day Musings’. It’s my first attempt at this challenge. Feedback is most welcome, constructive criticism, even more. Share your experiences and let’s enjoy this month of fabulous blogging. If you want to know more about this challenge, click here.


22 thoughts on “An Afternoon in Spring – A to Z Challenge

  1. A very nice description of Spring. We live in the foothills of Colorado so our Springtime weather is marked by cold temperatures and lots of heavy, wet snow. If we can make it through, we’re always rewarded with a short but sweet summer.


  2. Okay you seem to be living in some magical version of Delhi. Atleast with the glimpses from you childhood and those pretty flowers to look at , you idea of delhi summers sounds like the morning version of a midnight summers dream or some such thing !
    If you can make delhi summers err spring sound like this .. you are surely doing something right . Curious to know what’s B going to be about.. See you in a couple of hours..


  3. reading your post is like swaying through a smooth sail…. most of us identify with the transition from free-spirited children in any weather to the entrapped in AC workaholic… looking forward to read more post…

    @w0rds4u from As Time Flies


  4. Very true what you say about Delhi weather – today I opened the window and already ‘loo wind’ is blowing in! And not only that you captured the essence of my childhood so very well – look forward to reading more!


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