Book lovers’ chat

So this happened. Twenty days into March, it already felt like the earth was on fire, especially when standing in a queue for four hours straight right beneath the divine rays of the sun. Submission of my correspondence assignments had never been so tormenting, almost passing out due to heat and dehydration. Nevertheless, post this terrific jaunt at East Delhi’s college campus, I leapt through the city to the first ever TSBC Meet-up in Delhi. A Twitter group (The Sunday Book Club) of like minded book lovers and readers were zoning in at the India Habitat Centre, and it was an event I did not want to miss.

And it was delightful. Fun and entertaining. Meeting new people, sharing likes and dislikes, talking about reading on the ‘pot’ to sharing a common distaste for certain authors, revealing reading quirks and recommending a lot more, there’s not enough that can be said for the group, for the evening spent in the shade of All American Diner, sipping on chocolate shakes and ice teas. Then the mighty book swap took place. Everyone was invited to get a couple of books to giveaway. Wrapped with little titles on the cover, we came away with super massive hauls. Film magazines, newsletters on books, posters, magnets, postcards, bookmarks, toys and of course, books! The smile on our faces went from medium to extra large. Got my hands on Anton Chekhov, a Russian playwright and author I had been wanting to read for sometime.

Cheers to the group that came, the members that participated, those that put in their two bits to make this a success, not to mention the presence of the co-founder of the group to steer and spark this all the way. Here’s hoping we have another meet soon.

To those who love to read, follow @TSBookClub on Twitter to join the madness of a chat that takes place every Sunday 3 pm, and interesting activities spread throughout the week. There’s nothing like throwing oneself into a group of bibliophiles. Check their website here.

The lovely loot I enjoyed hauling home via the crowded metro. :D
The lovely loot I enjoyed hauling home via the crowded metro. :D

P.S. Couldn’t help but start JLA (Justice League of America) in the metro. A great kicker before the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Team Batman forever.


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