AtoZ Challenge: The Great Theme Reveal

It’s my first time attempting this challenge, it’s supremely intimidating and I may just be that loose in the head to be trying to blog every day in the month of April, barring Sundays. So I’ve kept my theme rather simple for starters. Nothing extravagant or over the top, somedays it’s good to celebrate the simpler things in life.

So, ta da dum… my theme for AtoZ Challenge in April 2016 is EVERY DAY MUSINGS. Since this challenge is meant to push me off the comfy spot and throw myself in to real heavy-duty blogging, I’m going to harness all my faculties and blog about everyday topics that often find space in my mind, topics that come and go and are very interesting, but there penning down gets shelved time and again. Somedays maybe nostalgic accounts, somedays may have me ranting about current trending topics, other days can be ramblings on a book that affected me or even sharing a bit about myself.

This challenge is a journey of sorts for me and others too, and it’s heartwarming and overwhelming to see how bloggers from around the world are connecting through this platform. I’ve always wanted pen friends, and wouldn’t it be great to connect and make friends with others through our blogs!

Good luck to everyone, and me, and let’s gear up for the last leg of sanity before AtoZ Challenge April 2016 kick-starts.


26 thoughts on “AtoZ Challenge: The Great Theme Reveal

  1. I see your Everyday Musing , womania and I raise you an Everyday Women :)
    We’ll make a good team coz you know how these two are like two sides of the same coin.. LOL !
    See you on April 1st …

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  2. sounds really intriguing – I’ll be back to read what you have to write – my A-Z is a bit more straightforward and hopefully won’t exhaust me :)


  3. Hey Ramya. I think it will be so lovely, pouring out your musings everyday through April. I am so excited too…to make new friends, pen-pals! Lets rock April gal!


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