My first guest post

My first tryst with Guest Blogging has been indeed a unique experience, all thanks to the Twitter group – Blogchatter and #Blogsters, a BlogBuddy initiative.

Here’s an excerpt of the post I wrote on the Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni:


It’s like I’m reading the Palace of Illusions with trepidation, for I know what ill fared events will come about, and I do not want them to take place. Oh if only Karna could get the life he desired, he deserved. Yes, my heart goes out to him, but fate, time, destiny and death cannot be tricked. Especially death. For if they skip you once, they’ll come back again, with the force of a hundred thousand. Maybe at her swayamvar, if Draupadi hadn’t asked her question, her brother may not have been spared that day, and because she uttered that question, her brother died a brutal death eventually.


My theme for all my guest posts are my personal musings on the books I’ve read this year. My first post has been published on Indrani’s Blog. A blogger, writer, photographer and traveller, do follow her blog to discover more about her world.



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